From Teachers:

“Undoubtedly, in 33 years of professional development [Lalita’s class was] the most practical, informational, and thoroughly enjoyable all day session…”

– R. Hagnes


“Wonderful workshop!  Great review of basic compositional rules and wonderful teaching strategies.  Lots of resources for reference later & great to have an opportunity for critique & feedback…thanks for bringing so much to the workshop in examples & experience.”

-Sherry Dunn BFA, BEd., Fine Arts Department Co-Chair, Art & Photography Instructor, Robert Bateman Secondary School


“I enjoyed Lalita’s workshop immensely.  Lalita is not only an outstanding artist, she is one of those rare people with the ability to teach.”  

– C. Evens


“Lalita was great.  She is a positive person and born teacher.  She included theory and had us think about the importance of art in childrens’ lives.  Lalita provided us with many materials and supplies which we can take back to the classroom.”

– Langley Elementary Teacher


“Lalita’s workshop was amazing!  I’d attend any of Lalita’s workshops.”

– Fort Langley Elementary School Teacher

From Adult Art Students:

“It is impossible to reiterate how much I have learned today.  I will soak up anything Lalita provides”

– M. Frost


“I really appreciate Lalita’s knowledge delivered with such a friendly, inclusive style”

– J. Dixon


“I love how the foundations are dealt with – details are taken care of – all presented with care & clarity.  I appreciate the quality of your   presentation and content.  Many, many possibilities, insights, and questions!  Thank you!”

– C. Lantinga


“Your experience comes through your words”

– F. Sigler


“Excellent teaching – very good responses to some questions that were posed by beginners.  She never made them feel like the questions were dumb – this is a very good strength.  Lalita is able to appeal to all levels – enough for advanced artists also”

– K. Stepney


“I have learned more about colour and tones in these two [Opus demo] sessions than I have ever learned from any other professional artist or class.” 

– E. Johnston


“Amazing how the information you teach is relevant to all mediums & subjects.  You have brought together info from other sources (teachers) and spoke about it in a different way to have it all just ‘click’” 

-L. Mitchell


“Clear instruction, well thought out.  Handouts are very helpful.  Great teaching ability; experienced artist”

-L. Sukava


“Thank you Lalita!!  Your creative analogies and detailed, step-by-step instruction demystify the painting process so it’s not overwhelming!”

-N. Robinson


“I learned so much.  Your enthusiasm is contagious.  I enjoy your story and your journey is always inspiring” 

– M Burrows


“Lalita’s demo is intense and jam packed full of technical information to propel you into becoming a skilled painter.  She takes the mystery out of colour theory”

– T. Stewart


“Hi Lalita,I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for the [critique] workshop you did the other night.  I’ve thought about it a lot (you were right — I was feeling quite tired when I left there!)  There was an amazing amount of information to process, but it was so interesting and you handled everything in such a kind, caring way.  You really did de-mystify the [jurying] process for me and took away that feeling of discomfort, and I know others felt exactly the same… So thank you, for being so excellent at what you do!!”

– L Stark


“I was most impressed with the manner of Lalita’s teaching and her knowledge about her subject. She really did her homework in providing the students with much written material and copies of every type of art. Really well done. I would recommend her classes to anyone, be they a beginner, an aspiring amateur or a more advanced artist.  I’m grateful that I took in the class.”

– T-M Kronstrom


“Lalita has a particular and untenable skill in breaking down the steps she employs to show the process of assembling a complex painting.  Her analysis of the different elements that go into creating an image goes a long way to demystify painting!  I love the way she has equal insight in the use of oils, acrylics and watercolour.”  D. -Dejong


“The instructor was phenomenal!  She obviously enjoys sharing her passion and not only challenged us, but encouraged the class and really made it fun.  Thank you!”

-S. Rosen

From Art Critique Participants:

“I have been attending Lalita’s critiques for the past 3 years.  I always feel enthused by the feedback she gives.  She has a great perspective on how to improve a piece of work and does not hesitate to get the group involved in the feedback!  I really respect her as an artist and educator.” 

– J Finlay


“In her critiques, Lalita provides honest and gentle suggestions for improvements at the same time she lets the painters know what really works in each painting.  Over the past four years I have learned so much from her.  What a lovely soul she is.” 

– M. Iherg


“The art critique is my favourite event each month.  Lalita is a fantastic facilitator and makes you feel good about your painting.  I value her professional opinion.”

– N. Mak


“I have learned a great deal while attending Lalita’s art critiques.  I feel I understand what I’m looking at so much more and can articulate what I feel about a piece more than I could before.  It helps me appreciate different styles as well.  I find every session worthwhile and inspiring.”   

– H. Stewart


“I really enjoy the feedback of all the artwork presented by the class.  Lalita has given her time and expert advice for 8 years now; really appreciated and I thank her so much for all her time!!”  

– R. Genberg

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