Philosophical Paintings

My life’s purpose is to revive valuable philosophical stories by transforming them from written to visual form.
Imagine European culture without classical paintings depicting scenes from mythical and religious texts. Imagine Canada without First Nations paintings that pass along important stories from one generation to another.
Stories, whether verbal or visual, are fundamental to cultural identity.
Yet there is a massive hole in our cultural tapestry. For centuries, philosophers have written significant works about what it means to be human, to be a good citizen, to be an ethical leader, to be a moral individual, and so on. Yet many of these works are accessible only to those who spend their time dissecting academic treatise line by line, or those who learn from them.
Yet these stories and concepts are more important today than ever. Truly.
We are surrounded by more information than ever before. We are inundated with technological beeps and squawks; we are drawn toward blue screen light, like a moth to flame. We do not burn, but are left living but not alive, feeling empty and void.
We crave meaning, purpose, knowledge, inspiration, understanding, and connection.
I consider it my life’s work to unite art and philosophy in a new way that will inspire and transform conversation, realization, and understanding about what it means to be human.

As you can see, my life’s work has just begun.