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Welcome! You are receiving this because I have your contact information in my email address book and I thought you might be interested in receiving current postings relating to Arts & Culture. It is my intention to post something weekly that is occasionally about me and my work, but more often it will be about…

Athabasca Cliffs

Athabasca Cliffs After climbing down beside the Athabasca Falls, which was full of people and the pounding of falling, churning water, my family and I came across this peaceful, rocky, lakeside beach. We took off our shoes and felt the warmth of the sun on each smooth rock. The cool blue waters proved to be…

After the Harvest

After the Harvest I often paint outside, which is called ‘Plein air’ painting. One of the advantages is that the light shifts quickly and forces me to make decisions without accessing my ‘mind.’ When I do this successfully, I paint from a place of deeper understanding and joy. Size: 8×24″ Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Canadian Clouds

Canadian Clouds I love the colourful luminosity of puffy clouds, and used soft, blended strokes to render the clouds. I increased the drama and strength of the scene by ‘cutting in’ to the clouds with strong, hard edges. Size: 12"×16″ Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Status: SOLD

Boulder Parade

Bolder Parade My process involved an under painting using raw umber, which is where I quickly put in the lights & darks and suggestions of everything that will be in the painting using only one colour. Knowing what to leave out is as important as knowing what to put in. When the painting is viewed…